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Our Activities

Investors in Lincoln has been successfully involved in different ways in a range of projects over the years and has contributed on a regular basis to the activities of others, in line with its mission.

A very important early project was the development of the Greetwell Place Managed Workspace. This could not have been achieved by either the public or private sector working alone, but a combination of the two brought the development to fruition in a very short timescale. Greetwell Place is currently leased by Investors in Lincoln to the City of Lincoln Council for the provision of Managed Workspace.

Activity Area 1

Current & Recent Activities

  • Grants have recently been provided to Heritage Lincolnshire for work on Greyfriars, the Harlequin building on Steep Hill and holiday cottages on Michaelgate (total £63k).
  • A £21k grant was provided to Acts Trust for the continued refurbishment of Beaumont Manor for the development of a Community Supermarket.

  • A grant of £23k for the refurbishment of Dawber Gardens has been provided to the Dawber Trust.

  • A 10-year loan of £105k has been agreed for the Community Land Trust for the purchase and refurbishment of a property in Park Ward.

Activity Area 2

Past Activities

  • Doughty’s Mill…conversion to offices and flats.

  • Beevor Street…development of infrastructure to encourage private developers.

  • The Sessions House…the major refurbishment of a listed building for college accommodation.

  • Welton House has been managed to maximise rental income and the original lease to the Education Business Partnership consolidated nearly 200 new jobs. Welton House is currently leased to the NHS.

  • The Wagamama restaurant development has rapidly become the premier restaurant location on Brayford Wharf North and has helped to diversify the visitor offerings in the area.

  • Support of over £100,000 was provided to the University of Lincoln to support the employment of a Project Manager for the (successful) bid to establish a Medical School in Lincoln.

  • Investors co-funded with LEAP and the City Council a source of funding for small projects in the Park Ward area of Lincoln. Called the Community Chest, the fund provided over 60 projects with financial support.

Our Purpose

Investors in Lincoln is concerned with the economic regeneration of Lincoln, with a focus on the physical aspects of that process.